Organic Brewery Il Birrino
Organic Brewery

Organic Brewery Il Birrino

Birrificio Biologico Il Birrino

14, Via Andrea Doria - 20047 - Brugherio (MB) - Lombardy, Italy - Tel. +39 339 2788848



Il Birrino is an craft micro brewer that uses organic raw materials, whose mission is the environmental sustainability of the production process, aimed at reducing energy consumption and the resulting environmental impact. 

The production of our handmade beer is entirely organic and is certified by the ICEA with operating code IT BIO 006 C709. 

Why are we environmental sustainable

  • Because we recover 97% of water vapor produced during the 8 hour boiling of the barley malt; 
  • Because our bottles come from Sesto San Giovanni, about 10 km away, and are produced by Vetro Balsamo SpA, the only establishment in Europe that adopts an environmentally-friendly process virtually free from emissions; 
  • Because our bottle caps come from Bosisio Parini (34 km away), our labels from Gorgonzola (11 km), our cartons from Cinisello Balsamo (9 km); 
  • Because we have a double chamber insulated tank, thanks to which the refrigeration unit works only 5 minutes per hour and in the cold night hours it is deactivated by a timer! We also aim to stabilize production, working with fixed supply contracts GASs, which makes it possible to reintroduce vacuum to reduce environmental impact: reusing glass can cause our business to be near Zero Impact. 

The unique and innovative production process, designed by Dr. Apollaro Tony and applied by Dr. Toich Daniela, both doctors, was funded by the Lombardy Region and allows us to produce craft quality beers not re-fermented and not-pasteurized, with and without gluten and alcohol

Our original production process allows us to have a non-pasteurized fresh product with a shelf life longer than six months; the only precaution is not to expose the product to temperatures above 18 °C. 

Organic beers, all unique and of high quality, are presented in bottles of refined design and suitable to accompany the most prestigious dishes in our kitchen. 

Il Birino also produces, upon request, personalized beers with exclusive recipe and ethnic beers, keeping the peculiarities intact. 

Upon request, you can visit our small, but technologically advanced, laboratory to taste the full range of our production and, if you wish, also buy directly on site

Plus, for real beer lovers, we organize beer tasting courses, starting from a minimum of 10 participants up to a maximum of 20, at a cost of 20 euros per person (3 hours of course with great drinks included). 

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