Car Sharing Amicar Naples

Car Sharing Amicar Naples

Car Sharing Amicar Napoli

80100 - Naples (NA) - Campania, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)81 6028779



Naples is keeping up with Europe: there's Amicar sharing, a shared and sustainable mobility service

Amicar is the integrated and diversified transport service to meet the needs of the new urban context, the introduction of ZTL and pedestrian areas, the defense of public health through air protection measures and the reduction of noise and environmental pollution together with the the advent of "smart cities" technologies opens up new concepts of mobility to the future.

It is a transport service through the sharing of electric cars, which integrates public transport with the possibility of using a fleet of machines with a very low environmental impact. 

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The Amicar's fleet also includes vehicles designed for the transport of people with disabilities and/or limited autonomy and offers an innovative service for all types of travel at low costs. 

The Pink Permit is the free parking permit for pregnant women that can be requested and obtained at interactive totems.


Pick-up and delivery points are fixed stations located in key points of the city equipped with charging infrastructures. The withdrawal and delivery points are located:

  • MASCHIO ANGIOINO: In the shadow of the Castel Nuovo, one of the symbols of the city of Naples, this point serves the area from Chiaia to Toledo, a shopping and office area. It is equipped with 6 reserved parking areas, 3 columns with 2 connectors.
  • MUSEO: Located in front of the National Archaeological Museum, in the heart of the historic center, it allows access to the nearby wide network of ZTL. It is equipped with 5 reserved parking areas, 3 columns with 2 connectors.
  • PIAZZA DEGLI ARTISTI: A few steps from Piazza Vanvitelli al Vomero, the hilly area of Naples, it offers 6 reserved parking spaces, 3 columns with 2 connectors.
  • PARCHEGGIO BRIN: Inside the large parking lot in Via Brin, near the exit of the motorway, it offers 4 reserved parking areas, 2 columns with 2 connectors.

Following registration to the service, the Amicar Sharing badge must be collected at the Gesco Contact Center in via De Blasis 7 Naples from Monday to Friday from 9 to 19. 

It will soon be possible to collect badges also at the pick-up point of Maschio Angioino vehicles and Piazza degli Artisti and at the Il Poggio restaurant, in Via Nuova Poggioreale 160/c, Naples.


Amicar transport for disables was designed to facilitate mobility and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and limited autonomy, offering low cost and innovative service for all types of travel. 

Amicar is equipped with vehicles adequately equipped to comfortably and safely accommodate passengers with special needs and their companion

Thanks to the presence of highly qualified personnel, Amicar guarantees a service suitable for every need. 

Our service is really easy to use: just book the transport by calling our number 24/7 and talk to our operators, who will help you plan your travels. 

The service provides, upon request, also the possibility to use the assistance of one of our specialized operators.

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