Beach Club Capo Mele
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Beach Club Capo Mele

Stabilimento Balneare Capo Mele Laigueglia Savona SV Liguria Italia Bar - Due bar, uno per il giorno e uno per la sera con happy hour e musica ma anche con giardini botanici, fiori e sculture.
Stabilimento Balneare Capo Mele

Passeggiata del Golfo - Laigueglia (SV) - Liguria, Italy - Tel. +39 335 266477



The Capo Mele beach club is located in the gulf of Alassio (SV), more precisely in Laigueglia, in a very exclusive location surrounded by secular pine trees

The beach opens at 9:00 am until 19:00, then we will be open with our "chirinquito on the beach" until late at night for all summer evenings. 

You can enjoy a dinner, a barbecue, or just a good drink by the sea to fully enjoy your summer vacation. 

The establishment is divided to satisfy everyone: 

  • A first large space is devoted to lovers of classic umbrellas, loungers and deckchairs, even if circularly arranged and with considerable spaces between the seats. 
  • The central part is destined to the so-called free space: a kind of free privately owned beach, where bathers can pay only one entrance and lie down on single loungers or on large pillows made available by the management but with all the services including: hot showers, rescue, changing rooms, animation, cleaning and sanitation. 
  • One last part is reserved for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea in the company of their faithful four-legged friend, completely independent and in accordance with all the guidelines provided by the italian health laws and the animal protection. 

Then there are large spaces dedicated to 2 coffee bars, one for the day and one for the evening with happy hours and music but also with botanical gardens, flowers and sculptures

We are a seaside resort equipped for access to animals, you can enjoy the holidays together with your faithful four-legged friend. 

We provide water for refreshment with bowl, bau shower, weights under the umbrella for hooking the leash, running spaces, shaded areas and the possibility of bathing with our masters. 

We make available to all of our large grids positioned across the beach so that you can have a nice dinner with your friends, relatives or even just a couple of nice barbecue grills

What does it mean? We will prepare a table reserved for you and we will give you grills and everything you need to set up: tablecloths, napkins, cutlery, plates, glasses, pliers for grilling, wine and water... you just have to think about the food you want to eat. 

If you do not want to have a real dinner, you can just tame something with our aperitifs.

County Province District DépartmentSavona (SV)
City Town MunicipalityLaigueglia
Free TimeBeach Club
  • Disabled Accessible
  • Pet Friendly
  • Coffee Shop or Kiosk
  • Traditional Cuisine
  • Organic Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Vegan Cuisine
  • Gluten Free Cuisine
  • Picnic or Barbecue Area
  • Territory Promotional Activities
  • Eco Sustainability Activities
  • Outdoor Sports Activities
  • Association Member
Green Points
  • Supports Local Economy
  • Reachable Foot or Public Transit
  • Recycling
  • Organic Products

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