Gelateria Artigianale Biologica Biosenso

58/E, Via Vigone - 10139 - Turin (TO) - Piedmont, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)11 0864983



The Organic Ice Cream Parlor Biosenso is born in Torino on April 8th 2009. Our production is made exclusively of certified and guaranteed organic products, ensuring the genuineness and naturalness of the product you taste. 

Only natural products without the use of syrups, preservatives, sachets or preparations. 

Organic products are those that, "from Earth to Table", never come into contact with pesticides and chemical additives harmful to humans and the environment and, thanks to the totally natural method with which they are grown and processed, the products keep unchanged their balance between mineral salts, vitamins and proteins that are the essential nutritional elements for us. 

Organic products do not contain preservatives and colorants, but only natural additives. For European legislation, organic foods cannnot contain genetically modified organisms. 

We only use fresh seasonal fruits from controlled and certified organic farming. Our fruit ice creams do not contain milk, they are highly digestible, also suitable for people with food intolerance

Organic milk is free of added antibiotics; it is rich in vitamins, calcium, phospholipids and essential fatty acids. A precious health ally, especially for the children's growth.

We use Noto's organic almonds that come from a long and precious process and they are rich in vitamins, magnesium and calcium. Another special ingredient we have is Bronte's organic pistachio also known as "green gold", fruit whose taste and aroma are universally recognized as a unique and particular one. 

Our granitas reflect true Sicilian tradition in all its creaminess; it is a refreshing food, ideal for breakfast accompanied by brioches. We only use fresh seasonal fruit and organic products coming from Sicilian farmers every week.

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