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    Bus Sharing Rabite
    Bus Sharing Rabite 33098

    Bus Sharing Rabite

    40, Via Belgio - 75028 - Tursi (MT) - Basilicata, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)835 533012

    The Rabite Bus company offers a bus rental service that for over fifty years accompanies travelers around Italy and Europe. The company has a fleet of Gran Turismo and Minibus buses suitable for all the travelers needs

    Rabite Bus offers the GT bus rental service for any transfer, shuttle service for weddings, ceremonies and events, bus hire for school camps, sightseeing tours in Basilicata region and wellness trips. 

    Today Rabite is a widely appreciated company in the area for safety, seriousness, accuracy and quality of services offered. Our company employs highly qualified human resources and pays particular attention to staff training. 

    The company has chosen to invest in training at 360 degrees, increasingly looking at new technologies and the ever-changing market needs. 

    In recent years, the company has equipped itself with modern logistic and informatic supports, as well as of new and effective planning with an eye to the environment and the rediscovery of the Basilicata landscape, traditional and enogastronomic peculiarities.

    Rabite is a certified company with a ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008 Certification for management system standards for bus rental. Organization and optimization of the service have always been a priority for the Rabite Touristic Services company. 

    With the Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 Certification, the company is committed to ensuring that its services meet the increasingly high quality standards for its customers. 

    In particular, this certification establishes the criteria for optimal quality management system and the organization of the company, focusing on the implication and motivation for the acquisition of the best management practices. 

    The certification recognizes the efforts that the company has always made in meeting the needs of customers, optimizing and improving its service.

    The company guarantees quality in all its departments and the best service management in every phase. The company has always offered a bus rental service that focus the transfers quality and the best comfort for passengers

    The organization of each phase of the bus rental process is diligently managed by the managers and all the staff, to ensure maximum comfort and quality to the customers.


    Bus Sharing Rabite

    Bus Sharing Rabite

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    County Province District DépartmentMatera (MT)
    City Town MunicipalityTursi
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