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Principe Adventure Park
Parco Avventura Principe 24219

Principe Adventure Park

Loc. Principe - 88837 - Petilia Policastro (KR) - Calabria, Italy - Tel. +39 392 2058884

An exciting Adventure Park nestled in a magnificent natural forest of conifers and deciduous trees, at 1400 above sea level in the heart of the Sila National Park, a context of high beauty with breathtaking landscapes. 

The Principe Adventure Park offers visitors many activities to play in close contact with exceptionally spectacular nature. 

Acrobatic routes, Tibetan bridges, tree climbing, horse riding, trekking and walking, archery, picnic area and much more offer visitors the chance to test their skills and attitude to mountain sports in a fun and safe way.

At the Principe Adventure Park you will find:

  • acrobatic routes for adults and children
  • tyrolean giant of 260 meters
  • guided tours in the national park
  • tree climbing 
  • archery
  • fat bike rental
  • riding school
  • playground for children with sandboxes and inflatables
  • picnic area with barbecue
  • kiosk bar and refreshment point
  • toilets (with nursery/changing table)
  • bowls field
  • relax area
  • spaces for events and celebrations by reservation

The day in the adventure park begins with a brief educational moment, during which the instructors illustrate visitors the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) entrusted to them: they consist of a helmet, a lanyard, a harness, carabiners and pulley, all approved according to specific safety standards. 

The first 100% safe adventure park in Calabria. 

All the paths of the Principe Adventure Park are equipped with the Coudou Pro ZAZA continuous lifeline system produced by Kong; this system guarantees the user to always be connected to the safety line.


Parco Avventura Principe

Parco Avventura Principe

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County Province District DépartmentCrotone (KR)
City Town MunicipalityPetilia Policastro
Free TimeAdventure Park
  • Coffee Shop or Kiosk
  • Snack Area or Restaurant
  • Wood, Park or Pine Grove
  • Relaxation Area
  • Children's Play Area
  • Picnic or Barbecue Area
  • Bike Rental
  • Riding
  • Trekking
  • Excursions
  • Outdoor Sports Activities
Green Points
  • Included in Protected Areas
  • Supports Local Economy
  • Certifications and Recognitions
  • Recycling

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