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Negozio Biologico Amor di Pasta 45335

Organic Shop Amor di Pasta

55, Via Giovanni Andrea Badoero - 00154 - Rome (RM) - Lazio, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)6 5127535

We are a craftsman laboratory that produces egg pasta, we have a forty-year experience and solid roots in the territory, where we are known for the excellent quality of our products. 

The philosophy of Amor Di Pasta focuses on preserving the first essence of flavors, using only natural and fresh products, which make our egg pasta unique and delicious. 

We have always produced the best pasta, checking firsthand the origin of the raw materials and making sure that they are the best. 

In 2011, we started a journey aimed at favoring the genuineness of our products, this path has allowed us to get in touch with many regional realities that practice organic agriculture and breeding

We contacted producers from agriculture and organic farming in Lazio, as we think that having a focus in this area also means finding raw materials locally grown, which means less pollution, lowering costs due to transport and therefore greater savings for the consumer.

Over time we realized that an increasing number of people suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, so they can not taste our pasta. 

We are therefore happy to inform our customers that very soon it will be possible to buy gluten-free pasta from Gluto Pasta at our store. 

Gluto Pasta is an Italian company that produces in Finland. The Italian pasta makers of Gluto Pasta have emigrated to Finland in search of the purest waters in the world and the most advanced food technologies; the only way to produce the first gluten-free fresh pasta without egg and certified kosher in Europe

Gluto Pasta is not only suitable for those who have specific dietary needs but is a new and delicious approach to a light, digestible and natural pasta for everyone.

For us at Amor di Pasta, as for Gluto Pasta, it is taste that drives our choices, and it is with this thought in mind that we advise our customers for this new gluten-free product, treated in absolute safety and without risk of contamination.

Come and enjoy one of our fresh products day by day, in our newly renovated dining room. As usual, you can choose one of the stuffed or simple formats we produce in the morning, and combine them with one of the day's toppings. 

You can eat your meal in our renovated dining room, take it home in a disposable cutlery for food. You can also order one or more meals by calling 065127535. We will deliver them to you within 20 minutes in the surrounding areas.


Negozio Biologico Amor di Pasta

Negozio Biologico Amor di Pasta

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