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Farm Sant’Anna
Azienda Agricola Sant’Anna 54072

Farm Sant’Anna

24, Via Lecco - 22030 - Eupilio (CO) - Lombardy, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)31 658490

Imagine a place totally immersed in nature but easily reacheable by car, without running dusty and dirt roads. Imagine an oasis of tranquility, green fields, trees, paths, a grand farmyard and a warm and welcoming restaurant, where to set up for so many friends. 

Imagine a restaurant where the main ingredients are not bought, but produced just a few steps away from the kitchen, cooked by professionals people that would not dream of doing anything else. 

Imagine spending a day, or part of it, in this place of peace and wellbeing, along with the people you care about... finding the pleasure of having a chat among adults, while letting kids play freely or romanticly strolling along the sunlit slopes. This place is Sant'Anna. 

Sant'Anna farm, owned by the Paleari Henssler family, was born in 1939 with 35 cows of Bruna Alpina breed and with lush vineyards

Over 70 years have passed since the 1939s and we have adapted to the changing times and markets constantly persevering in the exasperated search for the highest quality and absolute genuineness of the product

Our restaurant reminds to the warm country houses, the simplicity typical of the peasant world, the heat of the stove and the beauty of being able to eat outdoors on summer days. 

In addition, we love to deal with all the details: from the freshness of the ingredients with which we create healthy and greedy dishes of our menu, to the care of the table and all the environments. 

An agritourism "is defined as such when it produces internally 30% of the products it offers to customers": very few, today, can afford to be named after this definition... and yet we do more! 

In fact, we produce 35% of what we serve at the table and sell in our store, thanks to the cows born and raised by us! The ingredients we do not produce internally, we buy from farmers friends, who we know personally and with whom we have established a relationship of total trust. 

At Sant'Anna Farm we produce high quality milk: our cows are raised grazing and drank in a stable by Erik. 

Their nutrition is carefully balanced to ensure the best balance of milk nutrition

Would you like to attend the cheese production process? In Sant'Anna you can! 

In the heart of our facility, a few steps from the milking room, tere is the dairy: through the large window, you will discover the secrets of the cheese making process by combining scientific knowledge and craftsmanship. 

In Sant'Anna, next to the pastures and the stable, there is a horse riding center where you can approach the magical world of horse riding. 

Ludovica, a qualified Federal Instructor will accompany you in individual or group lessons, one or more hours. Anyone can go horseback, either who has never climbed, or who wants to try to jump in obstacles, to undertake a competitive career. 

During the summer period, besides riding lessons we organize pony weeks for children who, with their peers, will spend unforgettable days playing games, races, horses and good air... forgetting the TV!

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City Town MunicipalityEupilio
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