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Horse Riding Center La Badia
Centro Ippico La Badia 28506

Horse Riding Center La Badia

Loc. Fossato di Chiaserna - 61044 - Cantiano (PU) - Marche, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)721 790800

The Horse Riding Center La Badia was born in Chiaserna a small fraction of the Municipality of Cantiano in the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche Region. 

Located at the Catria Mount's foot, it has a strategic position for the beauty of the places and for the flourishing nature, the undisputed protagonist of this area and its district. 

The Horse Riding Center is equipped with:

  • Rectangle in sand of 80x40 m;
  • Covered Riding Area in sand of 50x35 m; 
  • A regular training rod; 
  • Pension and washing horses; 
  • Paddok for horses in freedom. 

The Horse Riding Center propose you Weeks and Weekend on horseback, with suggestive ecological excursions and ridings in English or Western style providing you with good instructors. 

Around Chiaserna, there are mountain promontories, with their spectacular gorges where the eagle and the peregrine falcon nest; so you can bathe in the very clean torrents and have pleasant excursions even in summer. 

In the meadows around the Badia you can plan excursions, also guided, for the observation of the numerous fallow deer and roe deers, and where with a little luck, someone will also be able to spot wolf traces permanently present in the area.

In the spring and autumn season those places are ideal for the collection of porcini mushrooms, asparagus, spignoli etc ... Thanks to Paolo and Raffaela both guides of equestrian tourism it is possible to go on excursions in areas little known for more than a day through rich landscapes of flora and fauna that constitute a real fairytale landscape. 

The woods of Tecchie, Monte Catria, the Hermitage of Fonte Avellana, Roman excavations of Pontericcioli, the natural park of Monte Cucco are all destinations to follow along with your horse in the name of adventure and fun.

In the center two equestrian disciplines are applied, both well known and practiced. School for Western Riding and School for English or Classical Riding.

  • The first has instructors Paolo and Raffaela who teach precisely the system used by cowboys to cheer up the moments of relaxation inside their ranch, it was mainly racing speed and the famous "rodeo", with the classic saddle and the practical clothing typical of old-west. 
  • The second has instructors Letizia and Francesca is based on different characteristics, in addition to the saddle that in this case is smooth and light with a flat seat, the English riding requires training of the horse, harness and a specific set-up. 

In the center it is practiced both the classical and natural tame (ethology) with which one has a better knowledge and conscience in understanding the animal behavior in full respect of their nature. 

In the Riding Center there are stages for patents, ANTE, retired, doma preparation horses for western races and for Trec and Monta for work. The Center is a FITETREC-ANTE affiliate.

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