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Glossary of the most commonly used green terms

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Aeroponics and hydroponics are indoor cultivation techniques carried out in the absence of soil. In the case of aeroponics, plants are placed in vertical structures placed in an isolated environment from the outside. They grow in some plastic or PVC channels and are supported by an artificial support (for example coconut fiber) which leaves the roots free and suspended in the air.

In this air, a nebulized solution is periodically sprayed (by means of pressure pumps located at the base of the channels) which contains all the nutrients necessary for the plant to live, grow and produce

The growth of plants in a controlled environment, together with a greater plowing of the root system, favors a faster development of the plants themselves and their limited exposure to parasites and pathogens capable of causing diseases. In this mode, the root system of plants is totally dedicated to growth, thus avoiding the formation of roots for their anchoring to the soil.

No less important is the advantage in terms of water saving that aeroponic cultivation offers as the water used is nebulized in small droplets easily absorbed by the roots of the plants and whose volumes are certainly reduced compared to other types of cultivation, even those without soil. like hydroponics.


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