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The app that pays you for walking - Sweatcoin
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The app that pays you for walking - Sweatcoin

You're not a fitness lover, but do you want to keep fit? Now you have an extra incentive: it's called Sweatcoin and it's an app that pays you to walk!

Widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom, the Sweatcoin app, available both on Google Play and iOS version on the Apple Store, is one of the most downloaded right now and is constantly growing.

How Sweatcoin works

In short? You walk or run and the app converts your steps into currency units called "sweatcoins" that can be spent on the platform's marketplace purchasing gadgets, audiobooks, goods, services and experiences: from antigravity yoga courses to high tech shoes, televisions, smartphones and Apple Watches.

Once downloaded the app you have to register and you can immediately start using it: the app, thanks to the gps on your phone, records your steps giving you 0.95 sweatcoins every 1000 steps.

Each item of the store has its own cost in terms of sweatcoins, for example the IPhone X costs 20,000 sweatcoins that making a quick calculation would be around 21 million steps, so, do you want the IPhone X?

Start running!

How to use Sweatcoin 

The app must be kept open and the GPS must be active, only in this way your steps are recorded and they can be converted into sweatcoins. Keep an eye on the battery, some users have complained about it going down rapidly. 

No activities are allowed indoors (so no treadmill etc ...), take the opportunity to jog in nature or have wonderful walks outside.

With the free basic plan you can not accumulate more than 5 sweatcoins per day regardless of the steps you take, while with the premium plan (paid in sweatcoins) this limit is exceeded.

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