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How to recover candles wax residues
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How to recover candles wax residues

Let's reduce waste by reusing the candle wax bottom

Many of us like to light scented candles at home, for example in the evening to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Scented candles are also an effective form of aromatherapy as they release natural fragrances into the air that can reduce anxiety and stress, improve mood and improve sleep quality.

Generally, when the final part of our candle no longer burns it is thrown away and this is a waste that we can avoid by reusing the wax scraps in a really simple way.

  • First we put water to boil in a kettle or saucepan on the fire;
  • We then pour the boiling water into the container containing the bottom of the candle (for example glass jars) almost to the brim and let it cool. We will notice that the residual wax at the bottom of the container will gradually rise completely to the surface;
  • When the water has become lukewarm or almost cold, then we can remove the layer of wax on the surface and let it dry;
  • The container can now be washed and reused also for different uses;
  • The recovered wax can be reused by dividing it into small pieces and placing it in the upper part of an essence burner; by lighting a small tealight candle inside, the wax will warm up and spread its fragrance throughout the room.


This is nothing more than a small gesture to start reducing our waste and enter a more sustainable way of thinking, and therefore of living.

By following the path of sustainability as much as possible in our daily lives, we contribute to creating a healthier and cleaner world both for us and for future generations.


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