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How to make the perfect suitcase: space-saving tricks and methods
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How to make the perfect suitcase: space-saving tricks and methods

Practical guide to stress-free packing your smart suitcase

Traveling is amazing, packing a little less. Often you don't know where to start and you have the feeling of having to bring as many things as possible because maybe "they can help you".

So it happens that you begin to fill the suitcase with clothes and objects of all kinds that in all likelihood you will not use and which however take up space and make the suitcase heavy.

No, nothing could be more wrong.

Your goal is to pack in in a smart way, optimizing the content.

Bring what you actually need and also something that "could" serve you but by choosing everything with a certain criterion and using all the spaces available to you in the luggage.

To pack the perfect suitcase it really only takes good initial planning and you have to be a little tidy.

Plan the contents of the suitcase with a list

Planning means having a method by which to focus and identify what you will need. To plan the perfect suitcase, just draw up a simple list; a detailed list of everything you think you want to put in it.

The list has the dual purpose both to make you realize what things you really need and which you would have put uselessly, and to serve as a reminder of everything you will bring, so that you can consult it in case of a doubt without having to completely undo and redo the suitcase.

How to choose the clothing to pack

Start by thinking about outerwear in relation to the time of year and your destination, whether it's the sea, the mountains or a new city to visit.

If you go to cold areas, opt for a heavier jacket than usual, while in warm areas (even in summer by the sea) it is always advisable to bring a light jacket (or a yarn sweater).

Consider the number of days you will be out and count the clothes you need starting from the number of pants (and/or skirts) and combining the upper parts by choosing them strategically, with colors that can be combined with different pants to being able to have more combinations at your disposal.

Come fare la valigia perfetta - Outfit

Arrange everything on the bed and gradually add the accessories (belts, bags, jewels and shoes) you need for those outfits. Then gather all the jewels and put them in a clutch bag.

Once you've broadly established the clothing and accessories to take on the go, it's time to take care of your underwear and pajamas.


How to prepare bathroom supplies to pack

Avoid buying disposable soaps in miniature format; you pay more and you don't help the environment but on the contrary you waste and pollute.

Instead, equip yourself with transparent plastic vials that you can also use for all your next trips and fill them with the soaps you already have at home (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, intimate cleanser, face cleanser, tonic, body cream, etc ...).

If you are unsure of the tightness of the bottle seal with liquids, apply electrical tape to the closure and place the vial in a plastic bag (such as those used to freeze food) to prevent any spillage of soap can ruin the contents of the suitcase.

Come fare la valigia perfetta - Flaconcini

Place the bottles in small groups in bags or clutches, so that you can use them to fill any spaces in the suitcase. If you are traveling by plane with hand luggage only, then all liquids must be placed in a resealable transparent plastic bag for normal airport control procedures.

Opt for microfiber towels and bath towels that are thinner, dry well, and dry earlier.

All the makeup accessories such as pencils, eyeliner, brushes, eye shadows and everything related to the hair such as a comb or compact brush can be stored in one or more pouches as well, trying not to make them too thick.

Finally, don't forget your toothbrush and toothpaste!


What you need to remember to pack

Today it is essential to think about all the various cables to recharge our electronic devices.

The most convenient thing when traveling to charge multiple devices at the same time during the night is to have a multi USB wall charger to which you can attach all the cables for your devices.

As for medicines, bring only the blisters and not the boxes in order to save space and, in addition to your usual medicines, it is always advisable to have aspirin and paracetamol too.

If you are a person who loves reading, avoid carrying printed books that increase the weight of your suitcase, opt instead to read from your mobile or tablet, devices that you already carry with you.

If you have a weight limit dictated by airlines then it is good to weigh the suitcase using a portable scale and keep a couple of kilos lower than the limit. Portable scales, while efficient, are not always very accurate and can differ from those at the airport. By keeping a little below the weight limits you are sure you will not have any problems having to pay the surcharge.


List of things to pack that you forget most often

It often happens to forget to pack a series of objects (including some really indispensable) such as:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • deodorant;
  • sunscreen;
  • sleep mask if you are sensitive to light;
  • map or guide of your destination;
  • baseball cap;
  • scarf or foulard (in case of wind);
  • extra foldable backpack or bag that can be used suddenly;
  • a few empty plastic bags for dirty laundry.


The perfect suitcase: the layered method

The most comfortable type of suitcase ever and for any type of trip is a large and light trolley. Equipped with wheels to be able to be dragged, this type of luggage allows you to carry no weights for the duration of the journey which will thus be more comfortable and less tiring.

Come fare la valigia perfetta - Trolley

Use the external pocket of the trolley for any maps and guides of your destination, while travel documents such as boarding passes and various tickets are best kept with you in a pocket or bag.

To start filling your suitcase, put everything you intend to bring on the bed, dividing by gender: all the trousers together, the t-shirts, the shoes (placed one at a time in shoe bags or in simple plastic bags from the supermarket), the clutches and so on.

The secret to making a perfect suitcase is arranging everything in layers, making sure to always keep the same height inside the suitcase by plugging all the holes and using all the possible spaces.

The open trolley generally has 2 compartments: the main one which is the deepest and which is crossed by the handle and the other compartment of the upper part which corresponds externally to the front of the suitcase.

In the main compartment, there are 3 spaces divided between them by the internal housing of the handle.

Start filling those spaces with loose socks (not rolled up) and briefs, the latter suitably wrapped in plastic bags for hygiene reasons. Continue filling until you get to the same height as the handle slot.

Then proceed by arranging the heavier things as, when we drag the trolley we tilt it and the weight tends to be greater in the lower part of the luggage.

Then put the jeans and trousers (folded in 2 so as to cover the entire length of the suitcase) one after the other, first on one side and then on the other side of the main compartment.

Before moving on to the sweaters and / or shirts and all the rest, place the shoes on the sides of the suitcase trying to position the heels in the corners. If you want, you can fill the inside of the shoes with other small objects in order to take advantage of this extra space and avoid deforming the shoes.

For shoes with heels, place them with the front towards the side of the suitcase so that the heel is parallel to the other side and does not break. The space that remains empty in the central part of the luggage can be filled with the clutches of the bathroom, make-up or other things.

Moving on to sweaters and shirts, the really important thing that makes the difference is not to fold the sweaters as when you put them in the closet at home, but to place them in the suitcase by making as few folds as possible.

Stretch the shirt along the entire length and width of the suitcase, folding only the sleeves towards the center. If the length of the garment is such that it cannot be stored completely flat, then fold only the excess part.

Shirts must be stored fully buttoned and with the collar turned up, folding as little as possible to avoid marks.

Continue to fill the suitcase trying to keep the layer of clothing uniform at the same height. Place the lighter and more delicate items on top so they won't be too pressed by other clothes.

Come fare la valigia perfetta - Cinghie Interne

When you get to just over the edge of the main compartment, use the suitcase's internal straps to compress the contents; Spaces will be created in correspondence with the straps in which to put, for example, the multi USB charger and the cables on the side of the luggage.

The bras and swimwear can be placed in the 4 corners of the suitcase with the cup that follows the curve of the corner and inside you can arrange the heel of the shoes which are hygienically insulated as covered by the bags.

At this point you can start filling the other compartment, inserting other delicate items, things that have not entered the main compartment or any towels and bath towels, also for hygiene inserted in clean transparent bags.


The perfect suitcase: the bundle packing method

The bundle packing method is a technique in which the garments are basically folded together to form a single block. This method is used to prevent clothes from wrinkling during transport.

To begin with, take a small rectangular bag to store your underwear, swimwear, socks, etc. and keep it aside. This bag will be the pivot around which all your clothes will be folded.

Divide all clothing by category and place them on the bed.

Start by overlapping the clothes on the bed in a very specific order that first sees the jackets (strictly buttoned with the part of the front resting on the bed), then proceed with the dresses, the trousers and then the sweaters.

The overlap must take place in a specular way, that is with the upper part of the first garment that must match halfway with the lower part of the next garment.

When you have stacked all the clothes mirrored, then place the bag in the center of the pile and start folding the garments individually around it. At this point, you can put the block in the center of the suitcase and fill in the empty spaces around it with shoes and other accessories.

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