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Fairphone: the era of the eco-sustainable smartphone
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Fairphone: the era of the eco-sustainable smartphone

The ethical, long-lasting and easily repairable smartphone

It is called Fairphone and it is the smartphone attentive to environmental sustainability that has little to envy, both from a technical and functional point of view and in terms of price, to the smartphones of leading brands in the sector such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Produced by the Dutch company of the same name and now in its fourth generation, Fairphone is a phone made following very specific ethical values that pay great attention to the countries of origin of the materials, the conditions of the workers of the manufacturing companies and the choice of recycled, sustainable and supportive.

The phone is made in the main body of aluminum from certified manufacturers (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standard), while the back cover is made of 100% recycled plastic.

Fairphone is a smartphone designed to last.

First of all, it is made in a modular way that does not have pieces glued together, neither the display nor the battery so as to be easily repairable even by yourself with the help of a very simple screwdriver.

Additionally, Fairphone offers a 5-year warranty with Android OS updates available for more years than other smartphones.

The combination of these factors allows the smartphone to have a longer life cycle of a few years and allows us to economically save in the replacement with spare parts, delaying the purchase of a new smartphone.

Fairphone 4 design and technical features

The Fairphone 4's design is soft and elegant both to the eye and to the touch.

On a technical level, the phone supports 5G, has a 6.3-inch Full HD + display, the internal memory reaches up to 256 GB and is expandable via an external memory card to be inserted in the appropriate housing. The long-life battery charges to 50% after about half an hour.

The Fairphone 4 features a high-resolution dual camera with HDR support and a light sensor for autofocus and optical image stabilization. It also allows you to shoot videos in 4K.

Fairphone and circular economy policies

Almost 50 million tons of electronic waste are produced every year and often millions of phones are locked in an unused box with only a non-functioning display or telephone.

Saving precious resources and reducing electronic waste has now become a priority of our time and Fairphone is committed to giving new life to old devices that are still functional and recycling those that cannot be repaired by sending them to a European recycling plant where the minerals and interior materials can be recovered.

Fairphone therefore proves to be neutral towards electronic waste according to a circular economy principle by compensating 100% the material it places on the market, encouraging repairability, recovery and reuse.


Fairphone holds, among others, the German Blue Angel Sustainability Certificate, the TCO certificate for the sustainability of IT products, the B Corp Certification (issued based on the company's performance from an environmental and social point of view) and the Fairtrade Gold certification which is based on the Fairtrade Gold Standard, an internationally recognized indicator of good practice for workers' rights and environmental protection.


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