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10 green measures to be taken at home
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10 green measures to be taken at home

Tips to make your home greener without spending a fortune

We can help the environment, our health and our wallets starting from some measures to be taken at home without too much effort and without spending a fortune. Here are 10 practical suggestions:

1. Use on/off button power strip for stand-by electronic devices

The lit LEDs of the appliances in stand-by mode involve a considerable energy consumption that we often underestimate. It is not so much the consumption of the single LED on, but the sum of all the LEDs of the appliances we have at home that are really many nowadays.

A stratagem is to use power strips to which we attach our devices, equipped with an on-off switch to be switched off in case of non-use.

2. Dry sinks and shower panels

Rather than cleaning and removing limescale, dry it!

Steel kitchen sinks and glass or crystal shower panels are subject to limescale deposits left by the water which are generally removed with some specific detergents.

A good habit to take is to dry these surfaces with a microfibre cloth or a glass cleaner after each use in order to avoid limestone formation upstream.

3. Purifies the air by creating a green corner in your home

Plants are exceptional living organisms that purify the air, act on our mood and they are also excellent companions with whom to share the spaces of the house!

Among the indoor plants most used to purify the air at home or in the office we find ficus, aloe, Peace Lily and ivy.

4. Update the screen of your devices

A flat-screen LCD model uses just one-third of the electricity from conventional CRT models, saving on the electricity bill the equivalent we would pay if we left a 50-watt light bulb lit throughout the year.

5. Choose rechargeable batteries

As it is known, traditional disposable batteries are among the main polluting enemies of our planet.

In fact, they are considered toxic waste because they contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury. If deposited in landfills or released into the environment, such waste easily pollutes groundwater and this is disastrous for both the environment and our health.

The batteries and rechargeable batteries can be used several times and therefore have the advantage of saving us money over time; moreover, their use reduces the number of batteries to be disposed of.

6. Use eco-friendly or do-it-yourself cleaning products

In order to cleaning our house we do not necessarily have to use polluting and often aggressive detergents, but it is possible to use "do-it-yourself" products by mixing water and natural ingredients with a strong cleaning and degreasing power such as lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate. 

In alternative, if we don't have time to make them ourselves we can always opt for ecological and biodegradable detergents easily available on the market.

7. Change the shower head with an adjustable shower head

As indicated by the name itself, it is a shower head that regulates the flow of water according to our different personal needs. This allows us a saving in terms of the supply of water used and therefore a cut to the bill!

8. Replace your light bulbs

Do you know that replacing old bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED technology can cut the cost up to 50% from your electric bill?

The low-consumption light bulbs are of different types and have different price ranges; if you are afraid they have a bad brightness choose the premium fluorescent lamps that project a white or buttery golden light on your interior.

The LED technology bulbs have a better performance and guarantee a high quality and durability even if they have a higher initial cost.

9. Buy ecological enamels and paints

If you have to paint the walls of your bedroom, choose environmentally friendly products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) instead of traditional latex-based paints and enamels.

The new modern colors and the best quality of these "safer" paints make them equivalent to the standard ones in terms of performance, plus they are more beneficial for both your health and the planet one.

10. Use the barbecue

Do you know that grilling is not only a healthy way to cook, but is also less harmful to the atmosphere?

External grids consume less energy than electric grids. Moreover, during the summer, keeping the heat out of the house, the air conditioning costs are lowered. 

Favour grills that use propane or natural gas, they emit 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere per hour, while a charcoal grill emits about 5 kg.

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